(hăl´lĭ`ẽr or hạl´yẽr)
n.1.A kind of net for catching birds.
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The other was Randy Hallier and his group that managed a little more than $80 million, who joined us in about 2008.
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Together with co-founder and CEO Laurence Hallier, Seacrest helped launched their upcoming keyboard in this year's tech show.
The magazine welcomes twenty-year-old unknowns like Philippe Labro or future Tel Quel essayists Huguenin, Matignon, and Hallier.
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Blackberry has filed a lawsuit against Typo, founded by chief executive Laurence Hallier and TV personality Ryan Seacrest, saying that the iPhone cases' beveled-key keyboard is a blatant infringement against BlackBerry's iconic keyboard.
In response to BlackBerry's claims, Typo CEO Laurence Hallier said at the time, "We checked out the patents.
Emil Hallier in Hamburg, stood at that time completely naive in relation to the German imitation of ancient strophes, as his composition of the Holly poem proves.
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