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 (hôl′stăt′, häl′shtät′)
Of or relating to a dominant Iron Age culture of central and western Europe, probably chiefly Celtic, that flourished from the ninth to the fifth century bc.

[After the type site at Hallstatt, a village of northern Austria.]


(ˈhælstæt) or


(Archaeology) of or relating to a late Bronze Age culture extending from central Europe to Britain and lasting from the 9th to the 5th century bc, characterized by distinctive burial customs, bronze and iron tools, etc
[C19: named after Hallstatt, Austrian village where remains were found]


(hɔlˈstæt, ˈhɑl ʃtɑt)

of or designating an early period of Iron Age culture in central and W Europe.
[1865–70; after the village in central Austria where remains of the culture were found]
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9 million in joint venture equity from Halstatt Real Estate Partners and $5.
But for me the undisputed gem of the region is the sleepy fishing village of Halstatt which is perched precariously on the banks of the Halstattersee in the shadow of the Dachstein mountain range.
The fabulous wealth of the Halstatt burials was slowly being distributed over a larger number of people so that individual burials seem poorer compared with the earlier examples, but their number increased dramatically.