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or Ha·mah  (hä′mä)
A city of western Syria south-southwest of Aleppo. Settled probably in the Bronze Age, it was a Hittite center in the second millennium bc and is mentioned in the Bible as Hamath.


(Placename) a city in W Syria, on the Orontes River: an early Hittite settlement; famous for its huge water wheels, used for irrigation since the Middle Ages. Pop: 439 000 (2005 est). Biblical name: Hamath


(ˈhɑ mɑ, hɑˈmɑ)

a city in W Syria, on the Orontes River. 176,640. Biblical name, Ha•math (ˈhɑ mɑθ, hɑˈmɑθ)
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Summary: A medieval fortress overlooks the small predominantly Sunni town of Madiq Castle in Hama, Syria, situated on the Orontes River and along the fertile Al-Ghab plain, under opposition control today.
News of Valayati's statement came as fighting between rebel forces and the government military continued in the Western city of Hama, Syria, with clashes between the al Qaeda-affiliate Nusra Front and Assad's forces.
With the help of interpreter Sima Mahli, they spoke about the journey that brought them from Hama, Syria, to this city on Lake Erie, in the Niagara region of southern Ontario.
The funeral took place on Thursday morning, where the 39-year-old late actress was buried in Hama, Syria, reported Ammon News.
HAMA, Syria (TAP) - A car bomb has killed at least 34 people and injured 50 more in central Hama province on Friday, the state-run news agency (SANA) said said.
Abdullatif bin Rashid Al-Zayani, called on the UN Security Council to take an immediate action to investigate the use of poison gas by the Syrian regime against unarmed civilians in the village of Kfar Zeita in Hama, Syria.