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(Plants) any of several trees or shrubs constituting the hamameliaceous genus Hamamelis, native to E Asia and North America and cultivated as ornamentals. See witch hazel
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Noun1.hamamelis - deciduous shrubs or small trees: witch hazelHamamelis - deciduous shrubs or small trees: witch hazel
plant genus - a genus of plants
family Hamamelidaceae, Hamamelidaceae, witch-hazel family - comprises genera Hamamelis, Corylopsis, Fothergilla, Liquidambar, Parrotia, and other small genera
witch hazel, witch hazel plant, wych hazel, wych hazel plant - any of several shrubs or trees of the genus Hamamelis; bark yields an astringent lotion
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Hamamelis mollis turns to soft, buttery yellow creating beacons in the garden's darker recesses, while the foliage of some x intermedia hybrids hots up to incandescent oranges.
Most hamamelis are from Asia Trees and shrubs are putting on their autumn outfits - a spectacular show that makes you wish this special season could last for ever and so too are many of the sorbus or mountain ash that we treasure in our gardens.
LAST time in my A-Z of plants we looked at hamamelis.
Choose Hamamelis x intermedia "Diane" for the best red flowered witch hazel.
Aveya Beauty's Salicylic Acid Peel 20% Gel Serum fits that description, as it contains only water, denatured alcohol, salicylic acid, PEG-8, butylene glycol and hamamelis virginiana leaf extract.
There is even a fall-flowering, fragrant, yellow-blooming native witchhazel, Hamamelis virginiana, whose October-to-December flowering period can almost overlap the first openings of the spring-flowering types.
Further down by the River Tolka there was another sample of heavenly scent - Hamamelis mollis, or witch hazel.
The most common variety is hamamelis mollis Pallida with a compact habit and prolific sweet scented sulphur yellow spidery flowers.
Grow them in the herbaceous border or a winter border under shrubs, under hamamelis (witch hazel),which is twiggy in winter, or in a mixed border.
Grow them in the herbaceous border or a winter borderunder shrubs, under hamamelis (witch hazel), whichis twiggy in winter, or in a mixed border.
The products contain skin-inherent substances like natural vitamin E and nutritional ingredients from nature itself, such as oatmeal, yeast and hamamelis extracts, soya, rice, natural vitamins and natural lactic acid.