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or Ha·mah  (hä′mä)
A city of western Syria south-southwest of Aleppo. Settled probably in the Bronze Age, it was a Hittite center in the second millennium bc and is mentioned in the Bible as Hamath.


(Placename) a city in W Syria, on the Orontes River: an early Hittite settlement; famous for its huge water wheels, used for irrigation since the Middle Ages. Pop: 439 000 (2005 est). Biblical name: Hamath


(ˈhɑ mɑ, hɑˈmɑ)

a city in W Syria, on the Orontes River. 176,640. Biblical name, Ha•math (ˈhɑ mɑθ, hɑˈmɑθ)
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CANAAN he now attains, I see his Tents Pitcht about SECHEM, and the neighbouring Plaine Of MOREB; there by promise he receaves Gift to his Progenie of all that Land; From HAMATH Northward to the Desert South (Things by thir names I call, though yet unnam'd) From HERMON East to the great Western Sea, Mount HERMON, yonder Sea, each place behold In prospect, as I point them; on the shoare Mount CARMEL; here the double-founted stream JORDAN, true limit Eastward; but his Sons Shall dwell to SENIR, that long ridge of Hills.
Chapter 5 covers Carchemish, Malatya, Kummuh, and Masuwari/Til Barsip on the Euphrates, chapter 6 covers Gurgum, Patin, and Hamath in the Orontes watershed, and chapter 7 includes the kingdoms of Tabal, Que/Adanawa, and Hilakku in southern Anatolia.
Similarly, Hamath Mental Arithmetic and Brain Games Center located in yzmir established a winter school for gifted children in math and science aged between 6 and 14, helping them gain applied learning experiences by participating in activities in the fields of DNA extraction, hydrogel production, computer science and fingerprint extraction.
intertubular inspection hamath technology and technology of stray magnetic flux (mfl technology) or equivalent, two sections of the transmission system of "bulgartransgas" ltd.
at Herodian Masada, Hamath Gader, and the Herodian south of Bethlehem).
5) The chief town of the Hamii was the ancient Hama or Hamath (the name evidently means 'fortress') in central Syria, on the River Orontes, some 110 miles north of Damascus.
The religions were many: for example, there were shrines to a "Syrian goddess" (who was probably the same as the African Juno Caelitis), near a fort garrisoned by men from Hamath, in Syria.
Jonah ben Amitai is mentioned briefly in II Kings, where he delivered a short prophecy during the reign of King Jeroboam II (765-745 BCE) who restored the border of Israel from the entrance of Hamath unto the sea of the Arabah, according to the word of the Lord, the God of Israel which He spoke by the Lord of His servant Jonah ben Amitai (II Kg.