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(ˈhæm dən)

a town in S Connecticut. 51,071.
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Well, Farringdon is where he lived, before he went to sea; his real name was Hamden Pye, and the Pyes were the great folk at Farringdon.
70 Circular Ave, Hamden Conn; 28-unit multifamily sold for $1,700,000 with an 8.
The left-hand article contains this lead: "City Attorney Vincent Villano and Assistant City Attorney Gilbert Winnick will confer this afternoon in order to reach a decision as to whether warrants will be issued for a dozen Yale students involved in a morals case with a 14-year-old Hamden girl.
According to local news station WSAZ, the producer also has reportedly issued notices to another 80 employees at the Hamden Coal complex, specifically the No.
ClickPress, Wed Jul 22 2015] The Performing Arts Academy of CT would like for you: "Ease On Down The Road" with Dorothy, Tingirl, Scarecrow, and the Lion Friday, Aug 7th and 8th nightly at 7pm and Saturday Matinee at 2pm, Hamden Middle School, 2623 Dixwell Avenue, Hamden, CT 06518
Hamden, Director, Human Relations Institute & Clinics, to recognize his active involvement in achieving the organizationEe's objectives and peer reviewed contributions to the field.
Hamden police said Shea left the college this year because of financial issues, including an unpaid tuition balance, but her mother continued to pay thousands of dollars she thought was for her daughter's education.
Rockville Bank has announced a plan to open a full service branch in Hamden.
NASDAQ: RCKB), said the bank filed an application with the Connecticut Department of Banking and the FDIC and received their regulatory approval to open a new retail banking branch at 2290 Whitney Avenue in Hamden, Conn.
The standoff came after investigators said that the two suspects led them on a chase through Hamden into the Elm City.
In the cases he attends to, Dr Hamden is finding an increasing role being played by parental neglect.
Hamden, a clinical and forensic psychologist with the Human Resource Institute at the Dubai Knowledge Village, seeks to address this problem with his new book Balanced-4-life: Before Burn-out, due out this autumn/fall.