Hamelia patens

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Noun1.Hamelia patens - handsome shrub with showy orange to scarlet or crimson flowers; Florida and West Indies to Mexico and Brazil
hamelia - any of several flowering tropical or subtropical shrubs of the genus Hamelia
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Evers (1968) listed this species on Cynachum rensonii, Hamelia patens, and Citrus sinensis.
Firebush Hamelia patens Feeding Plants BLCA (d) WCPI (e) Red mangrove (a) Rhizophora mangle Black mangrove (a) Avicennia germinans 3 Buttonwood (a) Conocarpus erectus Sapodilla, sapote Manilkara zapota 6 Gumbo limbo, red birch Bursera simaruba 1 3,4,5 Seagrape (a) Coccoloba uvifera 6 5 Black torch (f) Erithalis fruticosa 2,6 5 Poisonwood Metopium spp.
So when a Florida native Hamelia patens (firebush) they planted on their property began to reach past its supposed maximum height of 10 feet, the Witheringtons quickly submitted their tree to the Florida Division of Forestry for verification.