Hamilcar Barca

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Ha·mil·car Bar·ca

 (hə-mĭl′kär′ bär′kə, hăm′əl-) 270?-228? bc.
Carthaginian general and father of Hannibal. He led Carthaginian forces during the final years of the First Punic War. After making peace with the Romans, he returned to Carthage and quelled a rebellion of mercenary troops.

Hamilcar Barca

(hæˈmɪlkɑː ˈbɑːkə; ˈhæmɪlˌkɑː)
(Biography) died ?228 bc, Carthaginian general; father of Hannibal. He held command (247–41) during the first Punic War and established Carthaginian influence in Spain (237–?228)

Ha•mil•car Bar•ca

(həˈmɪl kɑr ˈbɑr kə, ˈhæm əlˌkɑr)
c270–228 B.C., Carthaginian general and statesman (father of Hannibal).
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Hamilcar Barca was the father of which famous general of antiquity?
Beyond the first chapter, which opens with a dazzling scene of young Hannibal watching his baby brother sacrificed to appease Baal Hammon (based on Jakob Seibert's speculation in Hannibal [1993] that Hamilcar Barca had four sons, the youngest of which was a victim of Carthage's notorious practice of human sacrifice), the book is not so much a biography as it is a fairly standard, albeit well-written and solidly argued, military analysis of the Second Punic War.
Hamilcar Barca and his son-in-law Hasdrubal the Fair then conquered and consolidated southern Spain for Carthage, using the same brutal tactics as during the Mercenaries Revolt.
The donkey was The Vicar of Bray, and Hamilcar Barca was the dog.