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Noun1.Haminoea - common genus of marine bubble shells of the Pacific coast of North America
mollusk genus - a genus of mollusks
Akeridae, family Akeridae - bubble shells
bubble shell - marine gastropod mollusk having a very small thin shell
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and two gastropods, the mud snail Tritia (formerly Ilyanassa) obsoleta (Say, 1822) and the solitary paper bubble Haminoea solitaria (Say, 1822).
FIS SURELLIDAE Diodora digueti Fissurella rubropicta HAMINOEIDAE Haminoea vesicula Haminoea virescens JANTHINIDAE Janthina janthina Janthina sp.
Effects of temperature on hatching time and hatchling proportions in a poecilogonous population of Haminoea zelandiae.
We document an outbreak of human cercarial dermatitis in San Francisco Bay that was related to the recent introduction of an exotic snail, the Japanese bubble snail Haminoea japonica Pilsbury 1895 (Cephalaspidea: Haminoeidae), which serves as the intermediate host of a schistosome that is responsible for the now annual dermatitis outbreaks.
Especies de nidos profundos con un solo individuo: ANELIDOS -Amphinomidae sp2, CRUSTACEOS - Alpheus armatus (ro,co:15), Amphipoda sp5, Calappa sp (co,bl:15), Nemausa cornutus, Phyllocarida sp, Symethis variolosa (co,bl:15), EQUINODERMOS - Ophiocnida sp (roA), MOLUSCOS - Anachis hotessieriana (ro: 10), Anachis sp (ro: 10), Antillophos sp (bl:10), Bursa thomae (co:10), Chitonidae sp2 (ro: 10), Colubraria swifti (ro, co:10), Daphella sp (bl,ca:10), Dendrodoris krebstt (co:7), Haminoea sp (b1,pa:10), Hyalina pallida (ro:10), Nassarius hotessieri (bl:10), Opalia sp (bl:10), Rimula pycnonema (ro:10), Trivia nix (ro,co:10), Trivia suffusa (ro,co:10), SIPUNCULIDO - Phascolosomatidae sp2.
Laboratory cultivation of Haminoea solitaria (Say, 1822) and Elysia chlorotica (Gould, 1870).
The herbivorous opisthobranch genus Haminoea is found intertidally in mudflats and seagrass beds throughout the world's temperate and tropical regions.
Here we used both field and laboratory experiments to examine the effects of naturally variable UVR, and its interaction with conditions at low tide, on the embryonic mortality of two congeneric species of marine bubble-shell snails (Order: Cephalaspidea): Haminoea zelandiae Gray 1843 in New Zealand (NZ), and Haminoea vesicula Gould 1855 in Washington, USA (WA).
Smith, 1872 Atys riiseana (Morch, 1875) Atys sandersoni Dall, 1881 Haminoea elegans (Gray, 1825)
Polychaeta Magelonidae * 89 85 20 118 Capitellidae * 101 95 27 36 Cirratulidae * 17 10 22 93 Obiniidae * 31 41 74 60 Nereidae * 55 21 16 12 Glyceridae * 10 7 12 3 Goniadidae 8 7 7 Opheliidae 7 20 1 Lumbrineridae 1 2 2 Sabellidae 7 1 Nephytydae * 5 Spionidae * 3 Onuphidae * 1 Polynoidae * 1 Gastropoda Bulla gouldiana + 15 3 6 3 Haminoea vesicula * 8 2 3 1 Acteocina spp.
and Alderia willowi,) and the cephalaspidean Haminoea japonica Species Intracapsular |[left Post-hatching [right arrow] Early delayed arrow] spontaneous spontaneous Substrate- induced E.