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(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) (of a firearm) having the hammer enclosed so that it is not visible


(ˈhæm ər lɪs)

(of a firearm) having the hammer concealed within the receiver.
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Johnson, and was one of the first hammerless pump guns.
The CZ-USA Sharp-Tail Coach is a hammerless version of the company's popular Hammer Coach.
Among the new products and services to be presented is the new Maintenance Kit for excavators, which offers a saving of up to 15% on the total value of the included parts; the SmartFit patented tooth system featuring hammerless fastener technology, which improves machine performance with teeth that stay sharper longer and penetrate deeper; and a new range of Simileo and Microfibre fabric seat covers that combine functionality and style.
Caption: Right: The Mustang is seen here with an S&W 442 Airtight J-Frame hammerless.
The introduction of the hammerless attachment system is yet another step we are taking to help our screening media customers minimize downtime and maximize productivity," said Claes Larsson, global product manager for screening media at Metso.
Although I've never asked, I suppose at the prices of bespoke English guns one could have them any way one desired, but I've never seen a hammerless double rifle without a safety, and I wouldn't want one regardless of pedigree.
In 1915 Browning was working on a hammerless pump shotgun that utilized a bottom feeding and ejection design, a gun that would, in later years and with a few improvements, become the Remington Model 17.
The key to this repair link's success is Columbia's EZ RigLok hammerless, mechanical pin-locking system.
The advantage of the hammerless design is clear when it comes to pocket guns: no hammer to snag on clothing when you draw the gun.
My next project is going to be my favorite CCW pistol, a Colt Model 1908 Pocket Hammerless in .
The SmartFit system provides stronger, more durable teeth and adapters, and hammerless, reusable locking pins.