Hampshire down

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Hampshire Down

(Breeds) a breed of stocky sheep having a dark face and dense close wool, originating from Hampshire, S England
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Noun1.Hampshire down - British breed of hornless dark-faced domestic sheep
domestic sheep, Ovis aries - any of various breeds raised for wool or edible meat or skin
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Breeds needed are Texel, Suffolk, Charollais, Meatlinc, Hampshire Down, Blue Texel, Bleu Du Maine, Poll Dorset and Beltex.
The school farm has some pedigree Hampshire Down sheep, pigs, goats, ducks, chickens and sheep dog Leif.
Farmer Matthew Pink's six-month-old lamb won a total of three cups, as well as prize money, for champion Hampshire Down sheep, best sheep and best animal.
Other breeds to be represented include Beltex, Lleyn, Border Leicester, Berrichon, Hampshire Down and North Country Cheviot.
Dentro de este grupo sobresale la raza Hampshire Down, la cual en su formacion tuvo influencia de la raza Southdown, tambien inglesa, caracterizandose por buena velocidad de crecimiento y conversion alimenticia (OSU, 2014).
SOUTHSEA The agony is almost unbearable for these fans at a pub screening LEEDS Lone fan sits deep in thought as England's World Cup dream falters NEWCASTLE Deserted streets as the city comes to a near standstill for last night's match LIVERPOOL The scale of the task to reach the last 16 becomes clear BIRMINGHAM Tension runs high amid the deadlock BIRMINGHAM Agonising as England mess up another opportunity HAMPSHIRE Down and out.
As racas Ile de France, Hampshire Down, Suffolk e Texel estao entre as principais racas de corte criadas no Brasil (SIQUEIRA, 1990).
Este trabalho teve como objetivo avaliar os componentes do peso vivo, as caracteristicas de carcacas, as teciduais e fisico-quimicas do lombo de cordeiros mesticos Hampshire Down, terminados em confinamento, com dietas contendo silagem de grao de milho (100%), 80% de graos de milho mais 20% de girassol e 99% de grao de milho mais 1% de ureia.
Bichel also made the frame with 37 against Hampshire down at No.
Bransgrove has taken Hampshire down a dangerous path.
Brechin were awarded a free-kick 10 minutes before the break when McLaughlin cut Steven Hampshire down 20 yards from goal.
FROM a position where Glamorgan were about to shoot Hampshire down in flames, they are now themselves staring down the barrel of a defeat.

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