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Han 1

n. pl. Han or Hans
A member of the largest ethnic group of China, especially as distinguished from Manchus, Mongols, Huis, and other minority nationalities. Also called Chinese.

[Mandarin Hàn, the Han people, Han dynasty, the name of the Han River, from Middle Chinese xan` (the name of the people and dynasty being derived from the Old Chinese name of the river).]

Han 2

A Chinese dynasty (206 bc-ad 220) noted for unifying and expanding its national territory and for promoting literature and the arts.

[Mandarin Hàn; see Han1.]

Han 3

A river, about 1,530 km (950 mi) long, of east-central China flowing generally southeast to the Yangtze River.


(Placename) a river in E central China, rising in S Shaanxi and flowing southeast through Hubei to the Yangtze River at Wuhan. Length: about 1450 km (900 miles)


1. (Biography) the imperial dynasty that ruled China for most of the time from 206 bc to 221 ad, expanding its territory and developing its bureaucracy
2. (Peoples) the Chinese people as contrasted to Mongols, Manchus, etc



n., pl. Hans, (esp. collectively) Han for 3.
1. a dynasty in China, 206 b.c.–a.d. 220, characterized by consolidation of the centralized state, territorial expansion, and cultural and scientific achievements.
2. a river flowing from central China into the Chang Jiang at Wuhan. 900 mi. (1450 km) long.
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Noun1.Han - imperial dynasty that ruled China (most of the time from 206 BC to AD 220) and expanded its boundaries and developed its bureaucracyHan - imperial dynasty that ruled China (most of the time from 206 BC to AD 220) and expanded its boundaries and developed its bureaucracy; remembered as one of the great eras of Chinese civilization
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
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Excepting the one case of seeing her face close, with a strong light on it, nobody who now looked at Magdalen could have suspected for an instant that she was other t han an ailing, ill-made, unattractive woman of fifty years old at least.
A white cotton sunshade with a cane han dle reposed between his legs, his side whiskers were neatly brushed, his chin had been freshly shaved; and he only distantly resembled the dishevelled and terrified man in a snuffy night shirt and ignoble old trousers I had seen in the morning hanging on to the wheel of the Diana.
and incorporated within the Han political and administrative spheres even though their territory lay outside the Han borders.
Since the original "Star Wars" film, there has been a lot of speculation regarding Han Solo and Princess Leia's relationship.
The HAN Tourism Trade Forum is the event culminating in the annual Tourism Awards Gala on 21 November during which the best accommodation establishments will be awarded, recognition given to deserving properties by Eco Awards Alliance, the best community-based tourism product identified, in partnership with NACSO, as well as honouring some tourism personalities of the past year.
Ambassador Han returned home and his successor will soon come to New York," the source was quoted as saying.
Hans Singh, 87, settled in Glasgow in 1948 after emigrating from Amritsar in India.
Until now, regulatory issues have confined luo han guo to supplement-type products in the U.
Han made the announcement during the "Twin-City Forum," held in Taipei for promoting exchanges between Shanghai and Taipei.
Han was told that when the 35-year-old mum first fell pregnant she faced excessive gum bleeding, a symptom of pregnancy-associated gingivitis, which affects nearly 75percent pregnant women.
Brown believes that underlying the linkages made between Han culture and ethnicity and the Chinese national identity in these narratives is the assumption that the borders between Han and non-Han are distinct and unchanging.
Kinney includes the embryos because of the Han concept of fetus education.