Hand car

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(Railroad) a small car propelled by hand, used by railroad laborers, etc.
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So if you're thinking of buying a second hand car and want to save money, get in touch with us and we'll see if we can help.
A CAR dealer has been given the green light to operate a hand car wash.
She added: "The second hand car industry needs to put the brakes on malfunctioning motors by making sure the cars they sell are in good working order.
The 'offensive' Bridgend hand car wash sign on Tremains Road, Bridgend
Two men were arrested yesterday at Express Hand Car Wash, one for an unrelated matter and one on suspicion of theft.
CONSUMERS are being offered a new free ombudsman service which will resolve complaints ranging from problems with retailers to issues with a second hand car.
When purchasing insurance for a second hand car, drivers can now compare various policies and choose a policy that has low prices.
Coin laundry, cafeteria, drop-off and hand car wash all in a superb Hialeah's corner.
SIX men were due to appear in court today accused of conspiracy to rob second hand car buyers lured to Birmingham in search of a vehicle.
He said that the buying power of second hand car buyers has somewhat 'diminished' over the last few years as stock levels lower and prices rise and so far in 2012 this trend seems to have accelerated.
Some pick up in second hand car sales could occur once Cyprus passes legislation to amend registration fees on second-hand cars, which currently ignores the age of the vehicle.
It was a first/ second hand car: A first hand car, I purchased it directly from the factory in Stuttgart.