Hand drop

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I'm an old man," he said, and let his hand drop heavily again on the bed beside him.
When one thinks," said Caderousse, letting his hand drop on the paper, "there is here wherewithal to kill a man more sure than if we waited at the corner of a wood to assassinate him
Verma won eight points in a row in the second game and raced to 17-8 with a delectable cross court back hand drop shot from close to the net before wrapping it up with an equally cunning shot, this time from the centre of the court.
She glances at him, lets her hand drop into her lap.
does, she lets go, lets her husband's hand drop down, and the
I see his hand drop down to his side and then whack, up it comes and he backhands me across the right side of my head, knocking me over.
but lets the final berries in his hand drop into the overgrowth