Hand plant

(Bot.) Same as Hand tree (below). - Hand rail, a rail, as in staircases, to hold by.

See also: Hand

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The government has also relaxed the Export Promotion Capital Goods ( EPCG) scheme to facilitate export of second hand plant and machinery.
He said Malaysia is also involved in the oil and gas sector in Pakistan and to facilitate foreign companies involved in oil and gas and petroleum sectors, the government has allowed import of second hand plant and machinery equipment required for their projects in Pakistan and age limit of oil rigs have been increased to 20 years.
The company continues to assess several proposals to acquire second hand plant for the full scale development of the Wetar copper project, which could significantly enhance the project's economics.
The second hand plant market is growing, and we want to give our customer value for money.
Second hand plant must demonstrate equivalent performance capability and thermal efficiency.
The big car companies are trying to set up Internet supply operations to cut costs and even Birmingham auction house Bache Treharne revealed this week that it is set to sell second hand plant and machinery on the Net.
1) Import of Second Hand Plant and Machinery: (i) For setting up second hand power plant, the original manufacturer of the plant must certify that the remaining economic life of the project is at least 15 years.
An invert using opposite hands; essentially an indy hand plant.