Hand work

work done with the hands, as distinguished from work done by a machine; handiwork.
- Moxon.

See also: Hand

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Tenders are invited for Supply of Bare Hand Work Chair and Hook for the use of Hot Line work.
On these portraits 75 percent is hand work while 25 percent work is done through in printing.
On the other hand work on the trainings of all parents' teachers committees (PTCs) in the far and width of the province will also soon be taken up so that the affairs of education institutions are streamlined from the grass roots.
That being said, there is still a fair amount of hand work involved, especially in the secondary processing applications.
Hundreds of people went on a tour of the operations room to see first hand work done by the dedicated team at the station.
According to The Telegraph, the evasion can range from casual moonlighting and cash in hand work to claiming welfare benefits fraudulently, tax evasion and organised crime.
Preaching that God has a plan for us all and letting God's hand work things out, it also gives practical advice on finding a new career, managing one's finances, and dealing with other issues that come up when changing careers.
There is also a great amount of carving and hand work involved in the production of all three groups.
Glezer is a food writer and bread baker (certified by the American Institute of Baking) with a passion for artisan breads, which she defines (after an informal survey) as bread baking that involves at least some hand work.
Thus does the invisible hand work its wonders in mysterious ways.
For instance, Virginia Tech IT staffers discovered that they could eliminate a Lot of hand work by programming a "Loose match" when they checked to see if an untagged item might already be in the legacy inventory.
We could see that as more plastics came in, we would need more automation and less hand work," recalls Butler president Scott Johnson, the founder's son.