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 (hăn′dl), George Frideric 1685-1759.
German-born British composer whose works include the orchestral Water Music (1717) and the oratorio Messiah (1742).

Han·del′i·an (hăn-dē′lē-ən, -dēl′yən, -dĕl′ē-ən, -dĕl′yən) adj.


(Biography) George Frederick. German name Georg Friedrich Händel. 1685–1759, German composer, resident in England, noted particularly for his oratorios, including the Messiah (1741) and Samson (1743). Other works include over 40 operas, 12 concerti grossi, organ concertos, chamber and orchestral music, esp Water Music (1717)


(ˈhæn dl)

George Frideric (Georg Friedrich Händel), 1685–1759, German composer, in England after 1712.
Han•del′i•an (-ˈdi li ən) adj.
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Noun1.Handel - a prolific British baroque composer (born in Germany) remembered best for his oratorio Messiah (1685-1759)Handel - a prolific British baroque composer (born in Germany) remembered best for his oratorio Messiah (1685-1759)
2.Handel - the music of Handel
music - an artistic form of auditory communication incorporating instrumental or vocal tones in a structured and continuous manner
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Then, my dear Handel," said he, turning round as the door opened, "here is the dinner, and I must beg of you to take the top of the table, because the dinner is of your providing.
Let me introduce the topic, Handel, by mentioning that in London it is not the custom to put the knife in the mouth - for fear of accidents - and that while the fork is reserved for that use, it is not put further in than necessary.
Now, I come to the cruel part of the story - merely breaking off, my dear Handel, to remark that a dinner-napkin will not go into a tumbler.
And now, Handel," said he, finally throwing off the story as it were, "there is a perfectly open understanding between us.
and you the feathered choristers of nature, whose sweetest notes not even Handel can excell, tune your melodious throats to celebrate her appearance.
In his wake spring up wine agents and cloak models; and the orchestra 'p1ays 'Let's All Go Up to Maud's' for him, by request, instead of Handel.
She sang Handel and Haydn to the family of evenings, and engaged in a large piece of worsted work, as if she had been born to the business and as if this kind of life was to continue with her until she should sink to the grave in a polite old age, leaving regrets and a great quantity of consols behind her--as if there were not cares and duns, schemes, shifts, and poverty waiting outside the park gates, to pounce upon her when she issued into the world again.
Above it, a portrait of Handel in a flowing wig beamed down at the spectator, with a knowing air of being up to the contents of the closet, and a musical air of intending to combine all its harmonies in one delicious fugue.
Ecod, he saws away at Mozart and Handel and the rest of the big-wigs like a thorough workman.
the ear of Handel predict the witchcraft of harmonic sound?
He deals sensibly with the topic of borrowing: the issue here is not that Handel borrowed, but what he borrowed and what he did with it.
New Delhi [India], June 21 ( ANI ): The United States President Donald Trump congratulated fellow republican Karen Handel for defeating Jon Ossoff in Georgia's sixth congressional district.