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I motioned to them to bring some of their handywork to me; and in an instant a dozen wreaths were at my disposal.
Reliable Jon's Handywork, Jonathan Palma, 637 Alva Park Dr.
The beneficiary of Jones's handywork, Michael Clarke, added just one more run before Matthew Hoggard trapped him LBW.
But the 23-year-old is convinced he's getting back to his best - and to spur him on he has kept a reminder of the handywork of sports injury specialist Doctor Richard Steadman, who rebuilt his knee following cruciate ligament damage.
Satisfied with our handywork, I finally felt ready to move on from my obsession with Dominic and find a new date.
After we did this with much huffing and puffing, we backed up to admire our handywork.
Now her handywork, dubbed the "Monkey Christ" has become a massive tourist attraction.
Peter Naylor's botched handywork left grandfather of two John Davies writhing in pain in the snow outside his bungalow in Willenhall, after he suffered 21 per cent burns.
THE ban on the kind-hearted handywork of knitting nana Dorothy Wedlake beggars belief.
MARCUS HALL is delighted with his surgeon's handywork after suffering a horrific injury to his nose in training.
The last batch of gowns was sent off yesterday and Mr Hunton said he expected all the staff to be watching tomorrow night to spot their handywork.