Hanging sleeves

Strips of the same stuff as the gown, hanging down the back from the shoulders.
Loose, flowing sleeves.

See also: Hanging, Hanging

References in classic literature ?
He was very richly dressed, with furred robes, a scarlet hood, and wide hanging sleeves lined with flame-colored silk.
You were seated upon cushions in the Spanish fashion; you wore a robe of green satin embroidered with gold and silver, hanging sleeves knotted upon your beautiful arms--those lovely arms--with large diamonds.
His habit was very proper for a merry-andrew, being a dirty calico, with hanging sleeves, tassels, and cuts and slashes almost on every side: it covered a taffety vest, so greasy as to testify that his honour must be a most exquisite sloven.
both arms in, as rows of trees close up the view like hanging sleeves,
Most students began by painting background colors as well as their hanging sleeves.
Add warmed Calvados and carefully light it with a long match, averting your face and keeping long hair and hanging sleeves out of the way.
Mytens's Charles is fashionably attired in a highly ornate doublet with wings and false hanging sleeves.
99) perfectly protects and organizes up to 100 CDs and DVDs in hanging sleeves in a removable tray.