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n. pl. hanko or han·kos
A Japanese stamp made of wood, stone, or horn, engraved with the name of an individual, office, or institution and used instead of a signature in official transactions.

[Japanese hanko, probably alteration (taken as if han, seal, stamp + ko, child, also a noun-forming suff.) of earlier hankō, publication, printing : Japanese han, board, block such as those used in woodblock printing (from Middle Chinese pa⋮n´; also the source of Mandarin bàn) + Japanese , to go, circulate (from Middle Chinese xɦja⋮jŋ, also the source of Mandarin xíng).]
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Sehrish of Koaht won gold medal, Sairial of Hango won silver medal.
In -52kg weight Ishrat of Kohat beat Aysha of Hangu by taking gold medal, in the -57kg weight Sehrish of Koaht won gold medal, Sairial of Hango won silver medal.
Sa palagay ko kasi mas nag-e-enjoy ang mga tao kapag ang mga eksena sa pelikula ay hango sa katotohanan.
Hango (11) reported that CV is associated with mental health problems and marijuana use among emerging adults aged 15-29 years.
Mga kababayan alam nyo bang ang 'Goblin' ay hango sa salitang kuyasus kimus (Fellow countrymen, do you know that 'Goblin' originated from the word kuyasus kimus)?
My name is Julia Hango, a 24-year-old Namibian body activist, visual "and performing artist, as well as a proud and openly living naturist.
9 kilometers Kohat Tunnel was completed in 2004, and connects the southern districts, including Kohat, Bannu, Karak, Hango, Parachinar, Lakky Marwat and D.
In district Lakki Marwat 131 area in-charges are deputed to supervise 701 teams to immunize 1, 31000 children; in district Hango 390 teams formed under 88 area in-charge to immunize 1, 10,000 children; in district Tank total 118 teams are performing under 19 area in-charge to immunize 84,66 children.
In Sindh, Khairpur, Ghotki, Sanghar and Dadu while Lower Dir, Upper Dir, Hango and Sawat are in risk of this disease.
binihi sage (ambition/pride) and hango bahivoi (humbling).
Lack of significant differences of True DP among goats that fed on concentrate based diet are also reported by Hango et al.
Festus Abiatel is the Champion Grower from Oshana while Ivensia Nepembe Hango is the National Grand Champion.