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n. pl. hanko or han·kos
A Japanese stamp made of wood, stone, or horn, engraved with the name of an individual, office, or institution and used instead of a signature in official transactions.

[Japanese hanko, probably alteration (taken as if han, seal, stamp + ko, child, also a noun-forming suff.) of earlier hankō, publication, printing : Japanese han, board, block such as those used in woodblock printing (from Middle Chinese pa⋮n´; also the source of Mandarin bàn) + Japanese , to go, circulate (from Middle Chinese xɦja⋮jŋ, also the source of Mandarin xíng).]
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He was said this while condoling the death of ANP councilor Malak Mumtaz in district Hango on Wednesday.
Housing projects such as Peshawar Model City, Motorway City at Nowshera, Hango Township at Chitral announced
At least 613 polling stations of Peshawar, 285 of Charsada, Nowshera 47, Kohat 46, Karak 31, Hango 74, Bannu 118, Laki Marwat 91, Hari Pur 61, Abbotabad 130, Mansera 110, Batagram 16, Torgar 33, Dera Ismial Khan 207, Tank 156, Sawat 74, Shanga 23, Bonair 19, Lower-Dir 103, Upper-Dir 105, Malakand 61, Chitral 19, Mardan 170 and 286 polling stations of Sawabi are termed sensitive.
binihi sage (ambition/pride) and hango bahivoi (humbling).
Lack of significant differences of True DP among goats that fed on concentrate based diet are also reported by Hango et al.
Melissa Hango, Female, Richford Senior High School, Enosburg Falls
The main demonstration would be in Walvis Bay (Erongo Region), where Tucna president Paulus Hango is going to deliver a keynote speech to the nation," he said.
Festus Abiatel is the Champion Grower from Oshana while Ivensia Nepembe Hango is the National Grand Champion.
1916 Durazzo/San Giovanni, Serbia, Albania Italy May 1940 Dunkirk, France Britain, France Apr 1941 Attica and Britain Peloponnesus, Greece Oct 1941 Odessa USSR Dec 1941 Hango, Finland USSR Feb 1943 Guadalcanal Japan Aug 1943 Sicily, Italy Germany, Italy Aug 1943 Sardinia, Italy Germany Aug 1943 Kolombangara, Solomon Japan Islands Sept.
The incident happened at about 7am in the south of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, in Hango city.
Hango, Application of state-space techniques to steady-state analysis of Tyristor controlled single-phase induction motors, Int.