Hangzhou Bay

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(or Hangchow) Bay

a bay of the East China Sea.
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Noun1.Hangzhou Bay - a bay formed by an inlet of the East China Sea
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The state-owned company has constructed structures like the famous 36 km Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the longest sea-crossing bridge in the world.
Moreover, China's leaders seem to be eyeing a second greater bay area, centered on Hangzhou Bay, which, because it overlaps with the Yangtze River Delta, could go a long way toward integrating that already-prosperous region.
The Group is also one of the suppliers of asphalt mixing plants to a number of major infrastructure projects in China, including Beijing-Tibet Highway, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macau Highway, Jiaozhou Bay Bridge and Hangzhou Bay Bridge.
The projects also improved the quality of life and environment, restored the natural wetlands of Hangzhou Bay and promoted rapid economic growth.
It is the second bridge crossing to be built over the Hangzhou Bay.
As well as in the Bird's Nest stadium, Queen's technologies have been used across China including Hangzhou Bay Sea Cross Bridge and a number of thermal power generation plants.
The center forecast that the typhoon will bring strong wind to the western part of East China Sea, waters east of Taiwan, the estuary of the Yangtze River, the Hangzhou Bay, the central and southern parts of the Yellow Sea and coastal areas in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian provinces over the next day.
Earlier, the longest cross-sea bridge in the world was the 36-km-long Hangzhou Bay Cross-sea Bridge that connects the cities of Jiaxing and Ningbo in east China's Zhejiang Province.
We crossed the recently completed 22-mile-long Hangzhou Bay Bridge and stopped at a rest area on the south side.
From Taiwan, I traveled to the Hangzhou Bay area of China where my first stop was Ningbo.
The latest edition features a new country - the republic of Kosovo - and new man-made structures such as the 22-mile Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the world's longest sea crossing, which opened in May.
5hrs now that the Hangzhou Bay Bridge is completed.