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 (mĭ-tăn′ē, -tä′nē)
An ancient kingdom of northwest Mesopotamia between the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers. Founded probably by Aryans, the kingdom was established c. 1500 bc, came under Hittite domination by 1350, and was conquered by Assyria c. 1275.

Mi·tan′ni·an adj. & n.
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If a fugitive comes to Ugarit from Hanigalbat or from another land, Niqmepa shall not detain him, but shall allow him to go to Hatti.
In Assyria and Hanigalbat Amir Harrak studied the conquest of the Habur region (Hanigalbat) by the Assyrians, (10) discussing the provinces in this region as they were created by the Assyrians and following them through the reign of Adad-n[a.
I am the [equal] of the king of Hanigalbat, but you sent me.
He had the title of sukkallu rabiu and of sar mat Hanigalbat.