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(Biography) William. 1910–2001, US animator and film producer who with Joseph Barbera (1911–2006) created the cartoon characters Tom and Jerry in the 1940s; the Hanna–Barbera company later produced numerous cartoon series for television.


(ˈhæn ə)

Marcus Alonzo ( “Mark” ), 1837–1904, U.S. merchant and politician.
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Mehevi hanna pippee nuee Happar,' he exclaimed every five minutes, giving me to understand that under that distinguished captain the warriors of his nation were performing prodigies of valour.
He was a gentleman before he was gazetted, so, when the Empress announced that "Gentleman-Cadet Robert Hanna Wick" was posted as Second Lieutenant to the Tyneside Tail Twisters at Krab Bokhar, he became an officer and a gentleman, which is an enviable thing; and there was joy in the house of Wick, where Mamma Wick and all the little Wicks fell upon their knees and offered incense to Bobby by virtue of his achievements.
It was at this time that Senator Mark Hanna said: "The production of wealth in the United States is one-third larger annually than its consumption.
Hanna was never, in fact, interested in the presidency.
Eric Bana plays the dad who taught Hanna to hunt, put her through extreme self-defence workouts and schooled her with an encyclopaedia and a book of fairy tales.
Hanna is a smart and beautifully-made thriller that, frustratingly, simply runs out of steam.
But sensible Hanna isn't letting thoughts of stardom go to her head and is happy to continue working behind the counter at the Topshop store in Edinburgh's Princes Street.
Michael Arcuri, D-Utica, asked Tuesday whether those present a conflict of interest for Hanna, who is challenging Arcuri for the 24th Congressional District seat.
But at Coventry Crown Court on Thursday, a judge revoked the order and imposed a curfew instead because medics said Hanna was incapable of manual work due to a back injury.
The latter, Hanna writes, "may continue legally to be ours, but it's not for our use: It's meant to provide for the common good.
12, emphasis omitted), logical psychologism is a species of scientific naturalism, which Hanna argues is false (pp.
He describes Hanna as an effective administrator who advanced the centralization of power in the archdiocese, an advocate for Catholic education, a mentor to his clergy, and a staunch proponent of the assimilation of immigrant Catholics into U.