alpha rhythm

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alpha rhythm


alpha wave

(Physiology) physiol the normal bursts of electrical activity from the cerebral cortex of a drowsy or inactive person, occurring at a frequency of 8 to 12 hertz and detectable with an electroencephalograph. See also brain wave

al′pha rhythm`

a pattern of slow brain waves (al′pha waves`) in normal persons at rest with closed eyes, thought by some to be associated with an alert but daydreaming mind.
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Noun1.alpha rhythm - the normal brainwave in the electroencephalogram of a person who is awake but relaxed; occurs with a frequency of 8-12 hertz
brain wave, brainwave, cortical potential - (neurophysiology) rapid fluctuations of voltage between parts of the cerebral cortex that are detectable with an electroencephalograph
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It is said to harness the ndings of German neurolo- gist Hans Berger, who in 1924 discovered that the human brain had electrical activ- ity -- now more commonly known as 'alpha waves'.
1924 Hans Berger records brainwaves, performing the first human electroencephalography (EEG).
El electroencefalografo, (6) otro sospechosisimo aparato que se utiliza en la neurologia y la psiquiatria, fue inventado en 1929 por Hans Berger, quien <<tuvo la suerte>> de que el hijo de su jardinero sufriera un grave accidente en el que perdio la mayor parte de la corteza cerebral, por lo que su cerebro quedo tan solo cubierto con una fina membrana, sin parte osea.