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A multiple of the basic number of chromosomes in a cell.

[From diploidy and haploidy.]


(ˈplɔɪ di)

the number of chromosome sets in the nucleus of a cell.
[1935–40; see -ploid, -y3]
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My husband's bone marrow is a six on ten match and this Indian hospital can do this haplo identical transplant which does not require a 100 per cent match.
Due to haplo insufficiency of the 5 HOXD, EVX2, or DLX1 and DLX2 genes, SHFM-5 and other digit defects may be caused25.
Homozygous combination of calpain 10 gene haplo types is associated with type 2 diabetes mellitus in a polish population.
A copy of a medical report from the Delhi hospital confirmed that Castro needed an "urgent Haplo identical donor transplantation" and that his mother would be the donor for the transplant.
A recently reported series described the loss of-function mutations in the KRT5 gene (9,10) These data confirm that haplo in sufficiency for K5 engenders an excess of unpaired, soluble K14 that is then responsible for DDD and points to a prominent role for the keratin intermediate filament cytoskeleton within the basal keratinocytes in epidermal pigment biology.
Because the genotype data were unphased, we estimated expected haplotypes and their frequencies using the haplo.
DNA sequence of two Cro-Magnons from the Paglicci cave, Italy, dated to 23, 000 and 24, 000 years old, was identified by the mitochondrial DNA as Haplo group N characteristic of the latter group (04).
Ayrshire schoolgirl Vanessa Riddle was given the all-clear from cancer after having the Haplo stem cell treatment at the hospital, near Stuttgart.
Now their only hope is the specialist Haplo stem cell transplant at the world–renowned Children's Hospital in Tubingen, near Stuttgart, Germany.
A pairwise allelic linkage disequilibrium (LD) test for each adjacent pair of SNPs within each gene was performed, and for those SNPs in significant LD with each other (using the normalized D' measure), haplotypes were constructed using the R haplo.