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Of or relating to a system of sexual determination in which diploid females develop from fertilized eggs and haploid males develop from unfertilized eggs, as in most hymenopterans, such as ants and bees, and certain other invertebrates.
A haplodiploid organism or species.

[From Greek haploos, single; see haploid + diploos, double; see diploid + -oid.]

hap′lo·dip′loi′dy (-loi′dē) n.
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reproductive parasites like Wolbachia can induce a male-biased sex ratio in haplodiploid species as a consequence of cytoplasmic incompatibility (Breeuwer & Werren 1990; breeuwer & Jacobs 1996).
Male-killing bacteria have been observed in male heterogametic, female heterogametic, and haplodiploid hosts.
Other studies have not examined the genetics of resistance in a functional haplodiploid, says Richard W.