Happy hunting grounds

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the region to which, according to the belief of American Indians, the souls of warriors and hunters pass after death, to be happy in hunting and feasting.

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NEITHER of the Lions' Dens (the current one dates from 1993) have been happy hunting grounds for Town, with just three wins in 20.
PREDICTION: Everton 0 Sunderland 1 JOHN HOUGHTON GOODISON Park is not one of our happy hunting grounds.
But Northampton still had to work hard to secure victory on one of their happy hunting grounds - they have lost only once at Worcester's Sixways ground.
Nottingham is one of Crowley's happy hunting grounds and he has a pounds 12 profit to level stakes at the course.
Ladbroke's spokesman Melanie Lamming: Maine Road and Eastlands have always proved happy hunting grounds for 7/4 Boro, who are unbeaten against 5/4 City in the Premiership.