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When UEFA chiefs meet on Thursday to discuss the happy slapper they will only look at the facts.
Mr Happy, for example, could shake off his wholesome image and attract a teenage audience by rebranding as Mr Happy Slapper.
And women hate happy slapper Sam just cos 1) she's flirted with Max, 2) snogged Anthony, and 3) wears a bikini all day long even if it's piddling down.
A mobile phone video shows the happy slapper running up to a man in the street and hitting him hard in the face.
THREE happy slapper flatmates who beat a homeless man to death for fun were jailed yesterday.
DEMAND: Hazel O'Neill wants happy slapper to say sorry in person Picture: FRAN VEALE' SICK: Hazel is attacked by Hayden
Chisora promised to be on his best behaviour outside the ring, save his "baddest" behaviour for the first bell on Saturday night - when the happy slappers will nominally be governed by Queensberry Rules - and then threatened to cut off the Hayemaker's dreadlocks at today's weigh-in.
The latest craze - thugs who slap people without any reason - are called happy slappers.
We have enough videos for YouTube - and so do the kids who were following him with a mobile phone like lazy Happy Slappers - to make Parker a star and he rightly deserves it.
The poor pensioner imprisoned for refusing to pay pounds 68 of his council tax when yobs and petty thieves and happy slappers are sent home with just a warning?
FIVE happy slappers were caged for a total of 44 years in London last year for the manslaughter of a barman.
So given the current profile going round for happy slappers and general deviants, I should be shunned, tagged and never allowed out.