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or Haps·burg  (hăps′bûrg′, häps′bo͝ork′)
A royal German family that supplied rulers to a number of European states from the late Middle Ages until the 1900s. The Habsburgs reached the height of their power under Charles V of Spain. When Charles abdicated (1558), the empire split into the Spanish and Austrian lines. The Spanish branch ceased to rule after 1700 and the Austrian branch after 1918.


(Biography) the German name for Hapsburg


or Habs•burg

(ˈhæps bɜrg)

a German princely family, prominent since the 13th century, that has furnished sovereigns to the Holy Roman Empire, Austria, Spain, etc.
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Noun1.Habsburg - a royal German family that provided rulers for several European states and wore the crown of the Holy Roman Empire from 1440 to 1806Habsburg - a royal German family that provided rulers for several European states and wore the crown of the Holy Roman Empire from 1440 to 1806
dynasty - a sequence of powerful leaders in the same family
royal family, royal house, royal line, royalty - royal persons collectively; "the wedding was attended by royalty"
References in classic literature ?
Ah, young sir, the Szekelys, and the Dracula as their heart's blood, their brains, and their swords, can boast a record that mushroom growths like the Hapsburgs and the Romanoffs can never reach.
The text tends to present the demise of the Hapsburgs as a predestined, linear decline from peacetime unpreparedness to wartime bungling.
Command one of four different armies: the English, The French, the Spanish, or the Hapsburgs in this exciting iOS experience
However, though the Hapsburgs intended to fortify their present rule by endowing it with an idealized, ancient history, that same history provided the public with a means of criticizing the monarchy.
Just as Hapsburgs, Hohenzollerns, and Romanovs did themselves in by clinging to an outdated paradigm, so the state system is doing now.
Bukovina was a conscious experiment, and it worked; its dissolution at the end of WWI was no accident, however, and it was sacrificed to punish the Hapsburgs.
The Heritage of the Hapsburgs cruise departs on June 3 and July 1 with seven nights' full board from PS1,199pp.
Today the stuffed birds--whose story we non-silbadores can only glean from an accompanying wall text--are on exhibit in the Imperial Furniture Collection in Vienna, where the furniture of the Hapsburgs was once stored.
The destruction of the Hapsburgs' central European empire by Woodrow Wilson and his allies through the Treaty of Trianon in 1920 for the sake of "self-determination" ennobled and legitimized racial nationalism throughout the world, nowhere more than in the former Hapsburg domain.
Absorb the history of Gutenberg and the splendour of the Hapsburgs whilst on a truly relaxing holiday.
The Austro-Hungarian Empire of the Hapsburgs was 296-years old when Arch Duke Ferdinand, the heir to the Dual-Monarchy and his wife were shot to death by Gavrilo Princip while driving through the streets of Sarajevo, Serbia, on June 28, 1914.
It was during the rule of the Hapsburgs that a curious drink arrived on the scene.