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 (hăt-shĕp′so͞ot′) also Hat·shep·set (-sĕt′) Died c. 1482 bc.
Queen of Egypt (1502-1482) who on the death of her husband, Thutmose II (c. 1504), became regent for her stepson Thutmose III. She bestowed the title of pharaoh on herself and adopted all the pharaonic customs, including the wearing of a false beard.


(hætˈʃɛpsuːt) or


(Biography) queen of Egypt of the l8th dynasty (?1512–1482 bc). She built a great mortuary temple at Deir el Bahri near Thebes


(hætˈʃɛp sut)

also Hat•shep•set


queen of Egypt c1503–c1482 b.c.
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But in 2007, a mummified body was found in an undecorated tomb in Egypt's Valley of the Kings, and archaeologists believe it is Hapshepsut.
We visited the Temple of Queen Hapshepsut where the 58 tourists died, to see if security had been stepped up.
Artistically and memorially, then, black Africa and white Vienna are really the same location; Beethoven and Hapshepsut are parents of the same process of artistic self-fashioning that created Adrienne Kennedy and her work.