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The capital and largest city of Zimbabwe, in the northeast part of the country. Founded by the British in 1890, it is a manufacturing and tobacco-processing center. Its name was changed from Salisbury in 1982 to honor a 19th-century African leader.


(Placename) the capital of Zimbabwe, in the northeast: University of Zimbabwe (1957); industrial and commercial centre. Pop: 1 527 000 (2005 est). Former name (until 1982): Salisbury


(həˈrɑr eɪ)

the capital of Zimbabwe, in the NE part. 675,000. Formerly, Salisbury.
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Noun1.Harare - the capital and largest city of Zimbabwe
Republic of Zimbabwe, Rhodesia, Southern Rhodesia, Zimbabwe - a landlocked republic in south central Africa formerly called Rhodesia; achieved independence from the United Kingdom in 1980
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Munhumutapa Building, Corner Samora and Second Street, Harare
zimbabwe v New ZEALAND NEW ZEALAND won the one-day series against Zimbabwe 2-1 and they are 2-7 for victory in today's Twenty20 international which starts in Harare at midday, writes James Milton.
HARARE -- Zimbabwe cricket officials said Tuesday they were vindicated after the national team returned from a high-security tour of Pakistan.
The state-owned Zimbabwean firm TelOne is planning to launch its new range of fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) broadband packages and unveil its new network of Wi-Fi hotspots in the capital Harare, which has been dubbed Metro City Wi-Fi.
The non-fiction works, mostly written in the journalese style, include Shebeen Tales: Messages from Harare (1994), Palaver Finish (2002) and various other articles published in newspapers such as the South African Mail and Guardian, archived on the its webpage as an author.
The Harare International Festival of the Arts (http://www.
HARARE (CyHAN)- A hospital that had been closed in the capital Harare last week over an Ebola scare was re-opened this week after the patient tested negative for the Ebola virus, an official said Thursday.
Primary school children in urban Harare and other developing countries are often not the target of many food aid programs implemented either by government, United Nations agencies or Non-Governmental Organisations and yet they make up a significant proportion of any given population in developing countries.
To improve early detection and estimate the prevalence of MDR TB, we performed extensive microbiologic testing on samples from consecutive patients with presumptive drug-resistant TB in Harare, Zimbabwe.
Off-spinner Saeed and Younis Khan, played a pivotal role in Pakistan's 221 runs victory in the first Test against Zimbabwe at the Harare Sports Club, have gained in the Tests ranking.
Harare, Sept 4 ( ANI ): Pakistan rallied back to finish at 249/9 on Day 1 of the first Test against Zimbabwe at Harare after losing some quick wickets, early on.
HARARE : Opener Ahmed Shehzad struck 70 from 50 deliveries to help Pakistan cruise to a 25-run victory over Zimbabwe in the first Twenty20 international played at Harare Sports Club yesterday.