Hard finish

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(Arch.) a smooth finishing coat of hard fine plaster applied to the surface of rough plastering.

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The pace and the gradual buildup to a hard finish, it's really what I wanted, and then to be able to be in the top five almost the whole time and never lose the race, it just played out perfectly for me today.
And we've still to play Crumlin Star twice and Ards Rangers twice so it's going to be a hard finish to the season.
It was a really hard finish today, actually the whole final 10km was hard," Wild said after the stage which covered 93kms from Katara Cultural Village to Al Khor Corniche.
I use yacht varnish as it has a good hard finish - this stops all of your hard work from getting chipped or scratched.
uk, 01254 704951 Break up space Paint will always have quite a flat, hard finish to it so it's important to think about where you hang mirrors and art.
This is the start of a very hard finish to the season for us," said Westwood.
It was a hard finish as it was uphill, but we knew what we had to do.
Also unfamiliar is a portrait called 'Mrs Howard' from a private collection in Boston, but this is outclassed by its companions and reveals the hard finish and lack of workshop integration common in Van Dyck's very late work.
The stresses involved in metamorphosing objects of this scale from raw to hard finish cannot be overestimated.
This will build up a hard finish to the surface of the wood.
introduced its Dura-Kote protective coating, a proprietary blend of materials that places a super hard finish to the high wear areas of tooling, increasing its wear life by two to three times that of chrome or nickel plating.