Hard grass

Hard´ grass`

1.(Bot.) A name given to several different grasses, especially to the Roltböllia incurvata, and to the species of Ægilops, from one of which it is contended that wheat has been derived.
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Beneath us, yellow lady's slipper orchids, buttercups and mounds of prickly hard grass, affectionately known as "mother-in-law cushions", carpet the landscape.
Tenders are invited for Pvc Grass Mat Made Of Virgin Plastic Color-Green Hard Grass, Supported With Rubber Back Size:- Length 46.
For places where the soil was so hard grass couldn't grow, the team invented a roller with hardened steel teeth to loosen the soil without destroying existing protective vegetation.
No matter what surface he works on, he seems to be the same - heavy grass, hard grass, Polytrack, his movement is always the same and it never changes," he added.
as a chilly wind whipped leaves over the hard grass field, Chefalo played lineman instead of running back.
Wholesome and hard grass graft give livestock farmers in Northern Ireland a reputation for rearing some of Europe's highest quality cattle.