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 (här′dwär′, hûr′-)
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Tenders are invited for Expression of interest of franchisee-ship of sale of bsnl products and provision of services to bsnl in almora, Hardwar, Nainital and srinagar(gwl) ssa.
While the kanwariyas were raising religious slogans on their way back with Gangajal from Hardwar, some residents of Khampur asked them to pass through the locality silently.
Shivaliks, in Uttarakhand (India) is the ancient city of Hardwar.
Union Home Secretary GK Pillai, however, earlier today rubbished claims that the yoga guru was arrested, and said Ramdev was being taken to his ashram in Hardwar.
Methods: Laksar PHC of Hardwar district, Uttarakhand State, India was selected because it contributed 90 per cent of the total malaria cases.
Men are "cold calling" addresses in the Sandwell area claiming to be from Hardwar, an area of North India, according to reports.
The company's onboard auto-enable hardwar e automatically handles the RS-485 driver allowing the RS-485 ports to be treated as standard serial ports by the operating system.
The resulting flood would put millions at risk and submerge a number of downstream cities, including Rishikesh, Hardwar, and Meenut--which is just 55 kilometers east of New Delhi.
In 1954, about 800 pilgrims died during the Kumbh Mela in Allahabad and, in 1984, about 200 people died in a stampede in the Hindu holy town of Hardwar.
The authorities moved to defuse tension which had mounted in the Himalayan foothills town of Hardwar ahead of the most auspicious day of the Kumbh Mela festival, giving the go-ahead for a march by a host of scantily clad ascetics.
Chapter two focuses on the gurus and the ashrams McKean encountered in Hardwar and Rishikesh with a keen eye directed to their business and government activities.
The systems-development group, including software and hardwar representatives, worked under the oversight of the cross-functional project-design team, with regular updates to broader audiences, including finance.