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(Breeds) an Indian breed of cattle


or Ha•ri•a•na

(ˌhʌr iˈɑ nə)

a state in NW India, formed in 1966 from the S part of Punjab. 16,463,648; 17,074 sq. mi. (44,222 sq. km). Cap. (shared with Punjab): Chandigarh.
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Inheritance of breeding efficiency and persistency of lactation in a Hariana herd.
At Allahabad Agricultural Institute during 1924-1934, the crossbreeding work was started using indigenous breeds like Sahiwal, Gir, Hariana, Kankrej and Red Sindhi cows with exotic breeds like Holstein Friesian, Jersey and Brown Swiss sires.
It has the exotic inheritance of Holstein-Friesian, Brown Swiss, Jersey and indigenous inheritance of Hariana cattle.
Hariana and Shahid took the score to 68, and then Ali and Meiyappan shared a useful 46-run stand for the fourth wicket.
As a part of the ongoing violence three people were shot to death in Orangi Town area of Hariana Colony while two houses were set on fire near Qasba Morr.
Genetic diversity of Hariana and Hissar cattle from Pakistan using microsatellite analysis.
the languages of Gujrat, Khandesh, Kutch, Kathiawar and Hariana states of India are the offshoots of the ancient Sindhui language of the Indus Valley.
Wrth i'r archfarchnadoedd ddechrau brwydro am gwsmeriaid rhaid i ni gyd ddechrau ystyried i bwy y'n ni'nrhoi ein hariana bethy'n ni'n ei gael am yr arian - efallai bydd yna bris llawer mwy i'w dalu pan na fydd gennymddewis.
Saroja, depute de la section federale, et le president Shri Satbir Singh Kadian, de la section de l'Etat de Hariana.
However the estimates were higher for Hariana cows in study by (Dahiya, 2005) for foot angle 0.