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(Breeds) an Indian breed of cattle


or Ha•ri•a•na

(ˌhʌr iˈɑ nə)

a state in NW India, formed in 1966 from the S part of Punjab. 16,463,648; 17,074 sq. mi. (44,222 sq. km). Cap. (shared with Punjab): Chandigarh.
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As a part of the ongoing violence three people were shot to death in Orangi Town area of Hariana Colony while two houses were set on fire near Qasba Morr.
Wrth i'r archfarchnadoedd ddechrau brwydro am gwsmeriaid rhaid i ni gyd ddechrau ystyried i bwy y'n ni'nrhoi ein hariana bethy'n ni'n ei gael am yr arian - efallai bydd yna bris llawer mwy i'w dalu pan na fydd gennymddewis.
Tenders are invited for renovation in old building of animal husbandry department which is to be converted in sub-division at court building, dumraon in the campus of hariana cattle farm near sub-division office, dumraon for the year 2015-16
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Clearance Of Sanitation At Hariana Po Bldg In Hsp Dn
Importation of foreign germplasm started around 1930 in Bangladesh by bringing Hariana breed and it is still going on (Faruque and Bhuiyan, 2001).
Animals belonging to Hariana breed (Bos indicus) and Holstein Friesian crossbred were included in the study.
indicus Hariana breed in which 4-5 point mutations were noticed at nucleotide level with reflected amino acid changes of 2 amino acids (Table 3).
2 alleles and allelic frequencies for each allele found in the Sahiwal, Rathi and Hariana animals are summarized in Table 1.
In addition, we included complete D-loop sequences from different zebu (Sahiwal, Hariana and Ongole) and taurine (Hanwoo, Friesian and Simmental) breeds in our analysis (GenBank accession numbers: L27732-L27733, L27722-L27723, AY378133-AY378136, AY378144-AY378146, AB085922-AB085923, AF499259-AF499264 and AY521118-AY521120).
Effect of cobalt and copper supplementation, separately and in combination, on the digestibility of organic nutrients and mineral balances in Hariana calves.