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n.1.(Zool.) The red-breasted merganser.
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Carfry was very ill, and as she and her sister Miss Harle were travelling alone they were profoundly grateful to the Archer ladies, who supplied them with ingenious comforts and whose efficient maid helped to nurse the invalid back to health.
Mike Harle was a section commander and completed two tours of Afghanistan and one in Bosnia.
By TOM HARLE Football Writer @TomHarle96 JURGEN KLOPP accused Town of 'parking the bus' to beat Manchester United as he prepared Liverpool to face David Wagner's side at Anfield.
Governor Greg Abbott has appointed Sid Harle as presiding judge of the Fourth Administrative Judicial Region for a term set to expire four years from the date of qualification.
CBRE's Peter Turchin, Christie Harle, Arkady Smolyansky, Evan Fiddle and Caroline Merck represented the buiding owner Boston Properties, which has invested $15 million in capital improvements at the 47-stoiy skyscraper.
Sid Harle has the most judicial experience - he's served as a state district judge for 27 years and presided over several death penalty cases, and he served for two years on the Court of Criminal Appeals' rules committee.
It was a great opportunity to work with Steller Solar and CEO Kent Harle.
Outline of Christian Doctrine: An Evangelical Dogmatics is recommended for scholarly Christian collections and provides a long-overdue translation of the German work of Harle - but scholars should expect more than just a translation, here.
Boss Nicholas Harle later set up as Claim Credit Services from the same Swansea address.
It's given us an incredible body of work and this alliance with saxophonist composer Harle adds to this.
Cardiff Crown Court heard how the pair left behind full drinks in the Star Pub at Bridgend in order to rush out after Judith Harle who had been in a relationship with an ex-partner of one of them.
Music by Beethoven, Bach, Sibelius, Mozart and Tchaikovsky has been chosen and arranged by composer John Harle who will be conducting the Wednesday concerts, at 2.