Spuyten Duyvil Creek

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Spuy·ten Duy·vil Creek

 (spīt′n dī′vəl)
A narrow channel in southeast New York separating northern Manhattan Island from the mainland and linking the Harlem and Hudson Rivers.

Spuy′ten Duy′vil Creek′

(ˈspaɪt n ˈdaɪ vəl)
a channel in New York City at the N end of Manhattan Island, connecting the Hudson and Harlem rivers.
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For many years this waterway was known as the Bolton Canal and then, later, the Dyckman Canal until its obliteration by the Harlem Ship Canal in the 1890's.
A view of the quarry site from Figure 2 (or what remained of it by the year 1893) was photographed during the building of the Harlem Ship Canal [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 7 OMITTED].
The construction of the Harlem Ship Canal cut off from Manhattan island a piece of land approximately 52 acres in size.