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    (här´mĭn or -mēn)
n.1.(Chem.) An alkaloid accompanying harmaline (in the Peganum harmala), and obtained from it by oxidation. It is a white crystalline substance.
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DMT and harmine, the psychoactive substances found in Ayahuasca, affect the serotonin system by binding to serotonin receptors in the brain and stimulating them.
A small molecule harmine induced the expression of PPAR without affecting the expression of C/EBP[beta] through Wnt signaling pathway [27].
Finally, some studies show that harmine and norhaman can reduce morphine withdrawal's biochemical effects upon tyrosine hydroxylase, reducing the symptoms of its abstinence syndrome, which can be generalized for all opiates withdrawal (Aricioglu-Kartal, Kayir and Uzbay, 2003; Miralles et al, 2005).
A natural small molecule harmine inhibits angiogenesis and suppresses tumour growth through activation of p53 in endothelial cells.
Developments in harmine pharmacology--implications for ayahuasca use and drug-dependence treatment.
gov/compound/445154) was used for computational docking in the structure of MAO-A cocrystallized with harmine at 2.
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Contract notice: The object of the contract works, administration and performance required to achieve a body lot 1 of redevelopment works of harmine promenade, at the marina of montalto di castro.
caapi contains 13-carbolines such as harmine, harmaline, and tetrahydroharmine in the stem.
harmala seeds using bioassay led to the isolation of harmaline, deoxyvasicinone, harmine and vasicinone.