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A locality in the Indus River valley of the Punjab in Pakistan. Archaeological finds dating back to the third millennium bc include the remains of a well-laid-out city and indicate a possible link between Indian and Sumerian cultures.


(Placename) an ancient city in the Punjab in NW Pakistan: one of the centres of the Indus civilization that flourished from 2500 to 1700 bc; probably destroyed by Indo-European invaders


(həˈræp ə)

a village in Pakistan, in the Indus Valley: site of successive ancient cities.
Ha•rap′pan, adj.
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Dr Javed said Sindh has thousands of years old history and has witnessed the rise and fall of many civilizations among which the Indus valley civilization was most important which existed between the year 2500 BC and 1500 BC in the Indus valley sites of Moen Jo Daro and Harrapa.
launching of first tourists double decker bus service of the country under Tourism Department and the measures taken for conservation of Harrapa and other historical sites in archeology sector are important features of about performance of provincial departments running under his ministery.
Historians wrote voluminous books about and foreign tourists marvelled at the ancient stupas and other archaeological wonders discovered during excavations at Takhtbai, Taxila, Harrapa and Moenjo Daro.
The sculpture of the Priest King of Harrapa, whose left shoulder is covered with some kind of drape, suggests the origin of dupatta.
I visited Mohenjodaro and Harrapa which were ancient towns developed by the Indus Valley Civilisation.
MOSCOW -- Minister for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Senator Pervaiz Rashid Monday said that Pakistani culture is an embodiment of peace, brotherhood, toleration and the Indus Valley Civilization, Mohenjodaro, Gandhara and Harrapa are a testimony that Islam itself stands for peace.