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A locality in the Indus River valley of the Punjab in Pakistan. Archaeological finds dating back to the third millennium bc include the remains of a well-laid-out city and indicate a possible link between Indian and Sumerian cultures.


(Placename) an ancient city in the Punjab in NW Pakistan: one of the centres of the Indus civilization that flourished from 2500 to 1700 bc; probably destroyed by Indo-European invaders


(həˈræp ə)

a village in Pakistan, in the Indus Valley: site of successive ancient cities.
Ha•rap′pan, adj.
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The event concluded with the ceremonial handing over of equipment to several other national museums- including the National Museum of Karachi, Hund museum, Chitral museum, Kasur museum, Harrappa museum, and Islamabad museum.
Third millennium Indus Valley Civilization cities of Mohen-jo Daro and Harrappa figure on UNESCO World Heritage list and are situated in vicinity of ancient Indus River, in Sindh Province of Pakistan.
The forest of Changa-manga, Chinji national park, Toba tak Singh forestation, Harrappa vegetation areas.