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n.1.A hinge.
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De Regt's essay lays out a nice rational reconstruction that might move someone - he has Harre in mind - from entity realism toward truth realism.
In the final section Rom Harre defends the view that properties are to be taken as `grounded dispositions and thus as powers and liabilities'.
Rom Harre and Robert Findlay-Jones have discussed accidie - an emotion often referred to in mediaeval Europe but no longer mentioned in the West.
The directors of the huge rail commuting system, who normally meet in Oakland, were ready for a trip to scenic Monterey for their gathering when Harre W.
Okawville -- Aubel 2 2-2 6, Hensler 3 5-5 11, Harre 3 6-7 14, C.
The new alliance named Laila Harre its new leader and she is expected to set a coherent policy platform.
Este articulo hace uso de las perspectivas de las teorias de la psicologia social critica, particularmente de la teoria del posicionamiento de Davies y Harre (1990), para abordar el estudio de un fenomeno de gran magnitud en las economias capitalistas, la informalidad laboral, el cual alcanzo en Colombia en diciembre de 2012 un nivel de 51.
The Committee will be chaired by academic, Dr John Harre.
People and societies; Rom Harre and designing the social sciences.
Rom Harre, a British philosopher of science had been criticizing the lack of the social in social psychology on something of a parallel course.
Discursive understandings of subjectivity have been informed by positioning theory (Davies & Harre, 1999; Harre & Van Langenhove, 1991; Van Langenhove & Harre, 1994).