Harrier hawk

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(Zool.) one of several species of American hawks of the genus Micrastur.

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The hawk, believed to be a Harrier Hawk because of the white feathers on its tail, was seen feeding on a seagull near the Judges Drive side of the park and was there for over an hour.
A harrier hawk and falcon are kept at the Haul Waste tip in Dunbar.
The Harrier hawk was spotted by a woman in Edge Hill as it fought to disentangle itself from the rooftop yesterday.
At the school of falconry we soon donned our gauntlets and watched in awe as harrier hawks took flight and returned to our arms with power and precision once we proffered a little red meat - a beautiful sight.
In fact, the birds where common harrier hawks which farmer Grant Michael Teahan had trapped, spray-painted red, then released as a prank, the Dennevirk District Court was told.
The friendly staff gave us the guided tour, starting with the harrier hawks, officially the most popular bird in British falconry.