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(Biography) W(illiam) Averell. 1891–1986, US diplomat: negotiated the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty with the Soviet Union (1963); governor of New York (1955–58)


(ˈhær ə mən)

1. Edward Henry, 1848–1909, U.S. financier and railroad magnate.
2. his son, W(illiam) A•ve•rell (ˈeɪ vər əl) 1891–1986, U.S. statesman.
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Noun1.Harriman - United States financier who negotiated a treaty with the Soviet Union banning tests of nuclear weapons (1891-1986)
2.Harriman - United States railway tycoon (1848-1909)Harriman - United States railway tycoon (1848-1909)
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Hill with his control of the Northwest; (2) the Pennsylvania railway group, Schiff financial manager, with big banking firms of Philadelphia and New York; (3) Harriman, with Frick for counsel and Odell as political lieutenant, controlling the central continental, Southwestern and Southern Pacific Coast lines of transportation;
Harriman didn't believe in putting you on patchwork ever, at all.
There have been no Vanderbilts in it, no Astors, Rockefellers, Rothschilds, Harrimans.
nd] birthday, Crystal Harriman received the phone call that she'd be celebrating in style as the lucky winner of the HGTV Urban Oasis 2015 in Asheville, North Carolina.
For two big dominant centrehalves, Pool didn't win enough, and right winger Michael Harriman made the most of some space gifted by Dan Jones to score twice.
This Week: Morril Harriman, counsel at Mitchell Williams Selig Gates & Woodyard PLLC of Little Rock
LUTON: Tyler 6, Harriman 7, Howells 6, Franks 6, Wilkinson 6, Smith 6, Drury 7, Stevenson 6, Connolly 6 (Ruddock 59, 4), Cullen 6 (Lafayette 59, 4), Miller 6 (Walker 65, 4).
Wheeler) Harriman, 89, of Leominister, formerly of Northboro, died Tuesday, Oct.
Dubai: Craig Garry Harriman from the United Kingdom and Abdul Gani Mounir of Morocco were among the biggest winners at the Global Fighting Championships 1 held at the Dubai World Trade Centre on Thursday.
Daniel Williams, of Rockwood Close in Bradley, admitted assaulting Goslyn Harriman on October 10 last year.
Harriman, a Maine-based architecture and engineering firm with an office in Manchester, N.
Neil Burrows' red card early in the first half was the big moment as a try from prop Richard Harriman was enough to send the visitors to their fifth straight defeat on their travels.