Harry Bridges

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Noun1.Harry Bridges - United States labor leader who organized the longshoremen (1901-1990)
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Saturday at Coos History Museum, on Front Street in Coos Bay, when Lionel Youst tells the story of Harry and Agnes Bridges and the International Longshoremen's and Warehousemen's Union in Coos County, of which Harry Bridges was president for 40 years; talk will focus on Bridges' personal Coos County connection and efforts by his wife to deport him to his native Australia during the Cold War.
That power revolves around several things that founding father Harry Bridges enshrined both in the union's culture and its contract with employers.
free concert will take place on July 21 at Harry Bridges Memorial Park at The Queen Mary in Los Angeles showcasing the all-new, just-launched 2015 Honda Fit.
He documents not only espionage by a few hundred American communists, but perjury in denying Party membership by such leading figures in the US labour movement as the maritime workers' leader Harry Bridges.
In San Francisco, in particular, the leadership of the ILWU was proudly left wing; the union's key founder and long-time president, the Australian immigrant Harry Bridges, was widely known as "Red Harry.
Readers of these interviews will conclude that despite the importance of such leaders as the famous Harry Bridges, the ILWU is the sum of its parts--in this case, a large number of dedicated, loyal, and proud members and their families who simply wanted to help working people.
3-mile, pockmarked stretch of Harry Bridges Boulevard in Wilmington.
Written by Los Angeles-based British actor Ian Ruskin, it tells the story of Australian Harry Bridges, who emigrated to California and founded the west coast dock workers' union the ILWU, which has a long history of support for their Liverpool counterparts.
Some readers may remember Harry Bridges and his historic agreement on technological change with the Pacific Maritime Association (PMA) in the late 1960s.
A few longshoremen, notably longtime union president Harry Bridges, were Marxists.
Through his academic sponsor, the Marxist economist Paul Baran, he got to know the left-wing leader of the long-shoreman's union Harry Bridges.
After all, her first real job in journalism, at the San Francisco News, involved covering the rough-and-tumble labor disputes on the shipping docks, where among her confidants was notorious left-wing labor leader Harry Bridges.