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Noun1.Harry Hotspur - English soldier killed in a rebellion against Henry IV (1364-1403)
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This was close to the spot where the hot-headed Harry Hotspur engaged in combat with the Earl of Douglas, the day before the Battle of Otterburn of 1388.
Which 1388 battle involved the 1st Earl of Northumberland's sons Harry Hotspur and Sir Ralph Percy?
I knew that Tottenham Hotspur were named after the medieval knight, Sir Harry Hotspur, Duke of Northumberland, one of the Percy family who owned land at White Hart Lane.
He supports his argument through thematic examinations of six of Trollope's novels, discussing The Small House at Allington (1864) and Lady Anna (1874) in a section on "reforming genre," Sir Harry Hotspur of Humblethwaite (1870) and Ayala's Angel in a section on "reforming gender," and He Knew He Was Right (1869) and Dr.
s HARRY HOTSPUR Spurs fans would like Redknapp to stay at White Hart Lane TOP GUN: Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger BROLLY BAD TIME: Steve McClaren had a tough reign as England manager
The Hotspur name is said to have been taken from 14th century warrior Sir Henry Percy, nicknamed Harry Hotspur because of his impulsive nature in battle, whose family had links to the Tottenham area.
Where once King Henry IV saw off usurper Harry Hotspur and the rest of the rebellious Percy family, tourists and locals alike now see off home-made meals so fresh and locally sourced you can stroke the cows outside.
The Battle of Shrewsbury in 1403 was fought between King Henry IV and Henry Tudor, who was commonly called Harry Hotspur.
Harry Hotspur has carried his army on his shoulders throughout the past few weeks of battle.
Hardy is an expert on the longbow which played a key part at Shrewsbury, where the forces of Henry IV faced a rebel challenge from the army of Sir Henry Percy, known as Harry Hotspur.
For instance, about the time I was cramming up on the motivation of Iago, Banquo, Harry Hotspur and the like, European football was a rare and, therefore, precious commodity - the arrival of Real Madrid, Benfica or Inter Milan on our shores provided an exotic treat even for those of us confined to brief highlights on a flickering black-and-white TV.
King Henry, it was said, would die in Jerusalem; Harry Hotspur, the son of the Duke of Northumberland, had been told he would die at Berwick.