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A type of peridotite consisting primarily of olivine and orthopyroxene.

[German Harzburgit, after Bad Harzburg, a town in the Harz Mountains of Germany.]
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Petrology of titanian clinohumite and olivine at the high-pressure breakdown of antigorite serpentinite to chlorite harzburgite (Almirez Massif, Spain).
The mylonitic and banded harzburgite and dunite at the base of the ophiolite record plastic deformation developed possibly within the granulite facies (Boudier and Coleman 1981; Nicolas 1989).
The peridotite unit rocks are the most altered part of Noorabad ophiolite including dunite, harzburgite and lherzolite.
Harzburgite is extremely low in silica and is therefore classified as "ultrabasic".
The dyke contains abundant large (up to at least 9 cm) phenocrysts and xenocrysts in addition to a wide variety of xenoliths that include granulite, dunite, lherzolite, werhlite, harzburgite, and pyroxene peridotite (Ross et al.
This breccia consists of a groundmass of chrysotile [+ o -] antigorite [+ o -] chlorite within which irregular millimetric--to decametric-sized bodies of serpentinized harzburgite appear here and there.
R, 2002, Abyssal peridotites > 3,800 Ma from southern West Greenland: field relationships, petrography, geochronology, whole-rock and mineral chemistry of dunite and harzburgite inclusions in the Itsaq Gneiss Complex: Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, v.
Eclogite is a diamond source rock rarer than harzburgite, but a lot richer in diamonds.
The Precambrian Ophiolits in north of Anarak are seen underneath the Precambrian-lower Cambrian metamorphics [7] and are of Harzburgite and partly lherzolite accompanied with whom scattered masses of gabbro, Diabase, and plagiogranite are observed.
The foliated peridotite is mainly harzburgite with minor dunite which occurs within harzburgite and contains podiform chromite deposits.
Dengo (1962a, b) pointed out the presence of harzburgite and described radiolarites and diabases regarded as lateral equivalents of the Nicoya Complex and suggested that the emplacement of the ultramafic massif was linked to the Clipperton Fracture Zone.
On the southeast shore of Lake of the Hills, harzburgite and metapyroxenite (tremolite+chlorite+talc) occur amidst outcrops of Notre Dame Arc plutons (#5 in Fig.