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Noun1.Hastinapura - one of two classical Hindu epics; a great collection of poetry worked into and around a central heroic narrative (eight times as large as the Iliad and Odyssey combined)
Sanskrit literature - Hindu literature written in Sanskrit
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The arrested men were accused of looting a finance company employee last month, and confessed to incidents of robbery in Khatauli, Mawana, Hastinapur and etc.
In Mahabharata, Sanjaya sitting inside a palace in Hastinapur and using his divya shakti would give a live telecast of the battle of Mahabharata.
It is also located close to the Hastinapur Sanctuary which supports a healthy leopard population, some of whom are suspected to have strayed into the NTPC campus.
In chapter four, I compared the crisis-ridden Hastinapur in the Mahabharata with today's flailing Indian state.
From the dusty plains of Hastinapur to the icy peaks of the Himalayas, Arjun: The Warrior Prince is the story of a man discovering what it takes to be a hero.
There is also this belief that Hastinapur and Indraprashta, old names of the city existed during the time the Mahabharat was fought.
The present communication deals with the study of a monogenean Cornudiscoides proximus Gussev, 1976 collected from the gill filaments of Mystus vittatus (Bloch, 1794) from Hastinapur, U.
The Pandava brothers were supposed to have ruled over parts of north India from Hastinapur, a town in Western Uttar Pradesh, several thousand years ago.
isolation presence bacteria recovered in CEF challenge 1 G-1 Narora Negative 132 -- 2 G-10 Hastinapur Positive 1050 385 bp and585 bp 3 G-14 Hastinapur Positive 7770 385 bp and585 bp 4 G-16 Hastinapur Positive 1492 385 bp and585 bp 5 G-20 Haridwar Positive 4142 385 bp and585 bp 6 G-28 Haridwar Positive 8122 385 bp and585 bp 7 G-29 Narora Positive 6413 385 bp and585 bp 8 G-33 Narora Positive 1030 385 bp and585 bp 9 G-37 Narora Positive 5142 385 bp and585 bp 10 G-38 Allahabad Negative 845 -- 11 G-47 Hastinapur Positive 4154 385 bp and585 bp 12 G-50 Kanpur Positive 2347 385 bp and585 bp 13 G-55 Haridwar Negative 719 --
Chastity's power is not limited to protection, as I learned while staying at Jambudvip, a pilgrimage center and asram in Hastinapur, Uttar Pradesh.