Hatchie River

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Hatch·ie River

A river rising in northern Mississippi and flowing about 290 km (180 mi) generally northwest to the Mississippi River.
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The Hatchie River National Wildlife Refuge in Haywood County is full of animals and offers a great blend of open crop fields and cypress-dominated river bottoms, along with a few white oak ridges.
In 1989, the destruction of us 51 bridge on the Hatchie river in Tennesee Killed 9 people.
Distributional changes of the fishes of the Hatchie River system in western Tennessee and northern Mississippi.
The TFHRC hydraulics laboratory has been involved in a number of studies, including investigation of the Hatchie River Bridge collapse in Tennessee.
It flows into the Hatchie River, and the Hatchie then flows into the Mississippi.
Thus, i t is implausible that the Hatchie River has captured Tombigbee tributaries.
Rosecrans at Corinth (Mississippi) (October 3); attacked General Earl Van Dorn's Confederate forces at the Hatchie River, and was temporarily superseded in command by Gen.
Since the collapse of the Hatchie River Bridge in West Tennessee in 1989, the Department has actively looked for ways to increase efforts in bridge safety and fill in the gap left by reduced federal bridge money.
The failures of the Schoharie Creek Bridge in New York State in 1987 and the Hatchie River Bridge in Tennessee in 1989 led bridge engineers to an increased focus on flooding and scour issues, with advancements in foundation and pier design.
Wyss, Hatchie River Project Director, Tennessee Chapter of The Nature Conservancy.
Before Manning's (1989) thorough study of the Hatchie River, in which he documented 33 taxa of unionacean mussels, the only other substantive works on western Tennessee mussels were those by Pilsbry and Rhoads (1896) and Ortmann (1926), in which four species were listed for the Wolf River.