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a.1.Lofty; haughty.
Through support of countenance proud and hault.
- Spenser.
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The best method at the minute is pole and maggot as Craig Goodhall found when he recorded a catch that contained roach, gudgeon, and dace totalling 11lb, while Mal Gardiner also had a good day with a catch of roach, dace and gudgeon weighing 15lb, and Paul Hault had a fantastic pleasure catch weighing 16lb 7oz.
Thomas the Tank Engine train ride from Knapford Station to Farmer McColl's Farm, and the Tidmouth Hault Station
Maltese conflicts somehow reach a point and then come to a hault so as to calm down and lead back to normality.
31-33): "fust digne d'avoir la grace / D'une dame de plus hault lieu.
They also gave themselves a chance to hault their series losing streak at seven if they can salvage a four-game split with the Astros by winning tonight's finale.
Basically, the international commission's conclusion was that while economic progress should not be made at the expense of the natural environment, it ought to also follow that environmental health issues should not hault economic growth.
Si vive encor Laure par l'Univers Ne fuit volant dessus les Thusques vers, Que nostre siecle heureusement estime, Comme ton nom, honneur des vers francoys, Hault eleve par le vent de ma vois S'en voleroyt sus l'aisle de ma rime.
GREG RUSEDSKI'S comeback was brought to a grinding hault in the last eight of the Surbiton Trophy.
Lady shall say her minde freely: or the black verse shall hault for
Le roy et vous deussiez entretenir Les crestiens en ce pays estrange, Mais vous perdez toute gloire et louenge Vous qui avez ung bruyt si hault et cher, Ne vous laissez laschete reprocher.
Chateau Hault D'allard wine, white burgundy, vintage champagne, Fonesca port, brandy cake, plum pudding, Paluani panettone, Colombian coffee, tea caddy, extra-virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, nuts, Tuscan bean soup, =garlic mayonnaise, peppers, olive relish, olives, cranberry sauce, cashews, tortilla chips, marmalade with gin, peach and passionfruit preserve, lemon curd, Duo spread, shortbead, pate with port, cheese straws, Turkish delight, chocolate seashells, Belgian truffles, mints, cheddar and sundried tomato wafers, apricot compote, two mugs.