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 (houpt′män′, houp′-), Gerhart 1862-1946.
German writer. Known primarily for his naturalistic plays, such as The Weavers (1892), he also wrote novels and poetry. He won the 1912 Nobel Prize for literature.


(German ˈhaʊptman)
(Biography) Gerhart (ˈɡeːrhart). 1862–1946, German naturalist, dramatist, novelist, and poet. His works include the historical drama The Weavers (1892): Nobel prize for literature 1912



Gerhart, 1862–1946, German playwright, poet, and novelist: Nobel prize 1912.
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There were no porters within reach of Hauptmann Schneider so he vented his Prussian spleen upon the askaris nearest at hand, yet with greater circumspection since these men bore loaded rifles--and the three white men were alone with them in the heart of Africa.
Ahead of the hauptmann marched half his company, behind him the other half--thus were the dangers of the savage jungle minimized for the German captain.
It was enough for Hauptmann Fritz Schneider to know that he was lost in the African wilderness and that he had at hand human beings less powerful than he who could be made to suffer by torture.
Here the hauptmann drew a deep sigh of relief, for after days of hopeless wandering through almost impenetrable jungle the broad vista of waving grasses dotted here and there with open park like woods and in the far distance the winding line of green shrubbery that denoted a river appeared to the European a veritable heaven.
It will go well indeed with Herr Hauptmann Fritz Schneider if he brings in the famous Tarzan of the Apes as a prisoner of war.
As the sun sank slowly behind the towering forests of the west, he turned slowly away upon the still-distinct trail of Hauptmann Fritz Schneider and his blood-stained company.
Cassetti is, of course, Christie's version of Hauptmann and her villain's nasty end is perhaps wish-fulfilment.
The Working Group for Volume 88 of the IARC Monographs includes Ulrich Andrae (Germany), Sherwood Burge (UK), Rajendra Chhabra (USA), John Cocker (UK), David Coggon (UK), Rory Conolly (USA), Paul Demers (Canada), David Eastmond (USA), Elaine Faustman (USA), Victor Feron (the Netherlands), Michel Gerin (Canada, Chair), Marcel Goldberg (France), Bernard Goldstein (USA), Roland Grafstrom (Sweden), Johnni Hansen (Denmark), Michael Hauptmann (USA), Kathy Hughes (Canada), Ted Junghans (USA), Dan Krewski (Canada), Steve Olin (USA), Martine Reynier (France), Judith Shaham (Israel), Morando Soffritti (Italy), Leslie Stayner (USA), Patricia Stewart (USA), and Douglas Wolf (USA).
After a sensational trial, some of which is immortalized in newsreel, Hauptmann is found guilty and sent to the electric chair.
6 And in the same year Bruno Richard Hauptmann was executed for kidnapping and killing who?
In September, 1934, Bruno Hauptmann, a German-born carpenter, was arrested after $14,000 of the ransom money was found in his home.